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A unique place close to nature...Crossing the deck of the Arduinna changes everything...You enter a dream-like place where stillness, warmth and enchantment reign, created from inspiration from nature...Absorb the surrounding atmosphere, derive essential mental and physical well-being... Worries and tensions evaporate. You are in the Arduinna universe!

meeting space



Hold your meetings in the 55-square meter reception hall, the center of activity. It opens onto the river with far-ranging views encompassing swans, geese, gulls, ducks. Full of life and bathed in natural light, it is designed with open space in mind. The main staircase accesses the lounge situated at water level so as to be able to appreciate the movement of the waves.
  • Exotic wood parquet flooring with glass tiling, cast iron fixtures, Italian design. 126.3 feet long X 18 feet wide
  • Walkable terrace lined with bamboo and olive trees
  • High-tech equipment: plasma screens to paper presentation media, wifi, overall planning
  • Personalized reception
  • Savory food prepared by our personnel featuring regional specialties of the Ardennes
  • Food available throughout the working day, tables, chairs and dishes supplied
Small groups are welcome to get acquainted with the pleasures and services of our unusual setting.

Bed and breakfast rooms
Each has its own bathroom. Two-day minimum stay, weekly or monthly.

  • Ethnic Chic suite: 30 square meters (323 square feet) - On the main floor, queen bed, bathroom with shower and two sinks, TV
  • Comedia del Arte single or double room : 15 square meters (161 square feet) - At water level, queen bed, bathroom with shower and one sink, TV
  • Black and White duplex studio (on two levels): 60 square meters (646 square feet) - Terrace, private entrance, bathroom, kitchen area, desk

Transfers by collector's boat with private skipper...routes and cruises on request. See
Culinary and gastronomic workshops - beginning courses with a chef... sommelier tasting
Well-being - coaching, mental zen, self-control using body movements... spa (jacuzzi) ...massages (warm stones)

History of a barge unlike any other
Built in 1956 in Cambrai, it was used to transport grain by bargemen from Bethune, carrying around 420 tons. This productive boat was renamed five times : St Jacques Ier, then Natacha, Ardu III, Sylvie and finally Arduinna. For more than 40 years it navigated rivers and canals in northeastern Europe. In 2004 on the banks of Meudon, it was transformed into a boat with lodging - designed to take maximum advantage of light and produce a feeling of well-being.

Origins of the name
In Celtic mythology, Arduinna is the Gaul moon goddess of hunting and the forest. She is the equivalent of the Roman goddess Diane whose name relates to the massive Ardennes forest whose symbol is also the boar. She is associated with the divinity of nature and instinctive forces, is the mother of plants and animals and mistress of the forest. Often represented in hunting attire brandishing a sword in her right hand in a gesture implying exercising justice, she rides a boar, among the most important Celtic animals and is accompanied by a dog.