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Guest book

We have only had very nice comments to the festive evening at the chateau .... it was fantastic. Thanks again, and you never know, maybe we will meet again in the future. It was very nice working with you.—Mia, DDS, Medical Manager, Dental

Congratulations indeed. The comment I heard most was "this is the best R&D party we ever had." A big thank-you for putting it together, with very good choices in terms of logistics and an excellent band that made everybody participate and get involved in the fun, even making myself stay up until late!! Thank you again.—Vittorio

Unfortunately I was not at the R&D party yesterday but I received this morning only excellent feedback, people were very happy and really had fun. So as usual, congratulations!!!—Nathalie, HR Manager

I wanted to say a special thank-you for all you did for the Paris event—I could never have done it without you and your attention to detail is so good! As I said, there may well be future events in Paris and Lyon, so I will definitely look you up to assist. It will be nice to think of different things to do!—Regards, Annie

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